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Le Toy Van

Mountain View Train Set

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This adorable train set makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for social and open-ended play. 

58 pieces of train tracks are included giving children the opportunity to design endless designs of track placement. The set features 3 separate areas; industrial, town and holiday. In the industrial area the following pieces are included:

  • 1 lifting road bridge
  • 3 chimney stacks with felt smoke
  • 1 train shed
  • 7 factory buildings
  • A container ship with 5 magnetised blocks and a crane with lifting mechanism
  • A train with 2 carriages and space to hold 2 other carriages.

In the town area, the following pieces are included:

  • 10 contemporary buildings
  • A car ferry with a yellow car
  • A fuel lorry and a container lorry
  • A crane vehicle
  • A long engine with 3 carriages for coal, logs and cement. 

In the holiday area, the following pieces are included:

  • 5 elevating mountain passes
  • A mountain bridge
  • A waterfall area and a cattle grid
  • Wind turbines
  • A small sailboat, a red car and a caravan
  • 3 tents
  • 3 fir trees and a wooden bear
  • A Tender Leaf pacific passenger train with 2 carriages. 

Suitable for ages: 3+ years