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This beautiful honey bee life cycle playdough kit has so many gorgeous pieces that are a must have for children that love exploring outdoors and love all things bees! Now comes with new bee themed two-piece playdough cutters! 

Our kits make great gifts to spark a child's imagination and creativity while keeping them busy and entertained.

Create a small world for your little one to explore or let them explore and create their own! All our pieces are versatile and can be used with different sensory bases such as rice, coloured water, water beads, oobleck, cloud dough and more! 

Learning through play is so important in the early years and builds lifelong learners and supports a child's overall development. 

Laugh x Create x Imagine x Play


  • 2 (210g) jars of the softest homemade, all natural scented playdough in our Luxe colours with eco-friendly biodegradable glitter sprinkled on top as pictured. Our Honey bee Ombre dough has a bee resin piece on top and our Mango Madness Ombre dough has a honeycomb resin piece on top. When mixed together creates a marble effect and a new gorgeous colour forms. 
  • Bee life cycle set (4 pieces as pictured) 
  • 2 two-piece Bee themed playdough cutters (please see gallery for images and videos of our new cutters). 
  • 5 Bee resin pieces 
  • 4 Honeycomb resin pieces 
  • 8 Flowers (4 sunflowers and 4 white flowers) 
  • 2 Wooden beehive pieces 
  • Brazil yellow mini crystals (vary in size) and acrylic gems 
  • Calico drawstring bag 

DELIVERY: Please allow 5-7 business days for the creation of your handmade playdough. 

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Contains Small Parts. Always supervise your little ones while they play. Recommended for ages 3+ 

CARE: To prevent products from fading, do not store or keep in direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Playdough lasts for 3-6 months of play. Keep sealed in jars provided in a cool dry place. To prevent products from fading, do not store or keep in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.