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Newborn Toy Bundle

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Our Newborn Baby Toy bundle is perfect for any gifting occasion for your little one! 

This pack contains;

Forever Protect Pin

The Forever Protected Pin features the 'Love You' star , white cross and mini heart (blue or pink option), and eye charm. Each Pin is beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. 

Note: To create your own custom pin entirely with personalised initials and charms, please visit our main site and follow the steps. 

Cognitive Cards

From birth, your baby begins exploring the 'Wonders of the World' with their eyes. Before your baby learns to reach and grab with their hands, their eyes are providing all information and stimulation important for their development. High contrast and Visual Stimulation is key and that's exactly why we've developed the Cognitive Cards.

How to use:

Hold the card 30-40cm away from your baby 

Slowly move the card to gain your babies attention

Alternate between 3-5 cards per day

Place cards in the distance to aid with retention

Babies are focally fixated by high contrast images in the early months of their life. These cards provide the perfect basis to build on this important skill.

 As your baby grows, these cards can be used to match with objects and develop infant vocabulary (apple, flower, animal figurines).

 Tummy Time Rolling Tower

Our Beechwood Rolling Towers are each fitted with a golden bell. The simple musical bell promotes tracking of sound sources to nurture hearing development and are perfect for encouraging baby movement. Simply roll or shake the tower to gain your babies attention. 


  • Captivate your babies Hearing Sensors

  • Invite exploration of Cause and Effect

  • Organic Beechwood